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RCE Tech is a comprehensive provider of high-end architectural and landscape lighting systems for homeowners, builders, and contractors and trade professionals. We also offer energy solutions and technology services. Our team has worked hard to earn our reputation for uncompromising professionalism, unparalleled service and attention to detail. You can learn more about our installation services by clicking below.

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Circuit Breakers – Replacing breakers is usually not a big deal, but for those times when experience matters, count on RCE to replace the most critical part of your electrical system. Panel Upgrade - Need a new electrical panel? Has the main service outlived it useful life? Considering how many electrical fires are caused forma faulty electrical panel; it may be time to get a new electrical panel installed. RCE can replace not only the electrical service panel, but the main service wire, the outside electrical meter, and the overhead mast as well.Home Remodeling – Do you need to add a new circuit, or are you ready to finish your basement, then RCE, can help you by installing all of the wiring, security, home theater, and speakers into your new project.


Ceiling Fans, we have been installing ceiling fans in Kansas City for over 30 years. That is thousands of fans over the years. With this kind of experience, we have seen all types of homes and installations. You can rest assured that your ceiling fan installation will be the best it can be.Smart Light Bulbs – By adding these new LED smart light bulbs, RCE can not only brighten your home but add security features like turning on your lights as you arrive home, or give the appearance that someone is always home. Do you have that room that has to have just the right look, then let RCE design a lighting control system that can be automated and give you complete control. Outdoor Lighting – One of the coolest features RCE offers is designing your lighting landscape. Incorporating color LED lighting into your landscape you can transform nighttime into a year round oasis. Check out our gallery for ideas of what RCE can do for your nighttime scenes. Looking for a special light then check out our selection from some of best lighting manufactures available. Our lighting partners include Progess Lighting, Volume Lighting, and Lithonia Lighting. Whether you are looking for that one special fixture or need to upgrade your entire home, look though the catalogs to find that special fixture for your house.Commercial Lighting Services – Not only do you get the benefit of better lighting for your employees, but the return on investment is usually less than three years. You get the benefits of a better lighting environment, less of a heating load on your air conditioning, but the energy savings by switching to LED lighting will result in a cost savings that will pay for itself and then it is money in your pocket. Ask us about KCP&L’s energy rebates and how to qualify. Building automation is the next level that you can achieve, from daylight harvesting to adding occupancy sensors, being able to control and lower your energy bills starts by providing a dashboard. You would not think of driving your car without a dashboard, but yet your home and business is a guess on how much energy you are using, where it is going and how much you are going to spend.

Electric Vehicle Charging

RCE is now installing electric vehicle charging stations. As a certified EV installer we are an affiliate of ChargePoint and Tesla. The standard setup is to add a sub panel then the electric vehicle charger.

Stand By Generators

Worried about loosing power, concerned about the next power outage? With a whole house automatic generator from GE, Briggs & Stratton, or Generac, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will always be able to keep the lights and heat on.

Energy Services

Solar and wind installations can be a vital part of the energy sector. RCE specializes in delivering solutions that are specific to the needs of our customers. From micro-grids to Tesla Powerwall fuel cells, we design complete solutions. Although most of the tax credits available in previous years for solar and wind are no longer available check our current library for the most current credits and tax deductions. A turnkey project we are going to offer in 2016 will be pairing a discrete number of solar panels with Tesla’s new Powerwall fuel cells, energy storage for a sustainable home. RCE can tie both the Tesla Powerwall chargers, solar, and standby generators together in a seamless package for the ultimate energy conservation and peace of mind. RCE also offers performance contracting. We take all the measurements and guarantee the rate of return and combine the financing where we install energy efficient lighting and appliances and show the net result with no money out of pocket. MCED -Missouri Clean Energy District – RCE is a member of the Missouri Clean Energy District. What this means for you is our ability to secure funds and the unique financing provided through property taxes. Large energy efficiency projects that may take years to get funding and installed can now be realized and paid by annual payments on property tax bills. This allows flexibility and the ability to sell the property at any time. Click the pdf for more information. The Missouri Clean Energy District was formed in January of 2011 following the enactment of the PACE Act of Missouri (HB 1692) during the 2010 legislative session. RCE Consulting Services – interested in moving ahead on an energy project but do not know where to begin? Contact us to set up an appointment for an initial consolation. We have the experience, expertise, and education to provide a detailed analysis and modeling on your next project.

In addition to our traditional electrical services we offer an entire array of technology services. From whole house audio, to home control automation with lighting control, RCE provides several custom solutions for your lifestyle. Are you ready to make a dedicated home theater room or have space for a media room, check out all of the new components RCE can install to provide the ultimate entertainment. RCE also can transform your outdoor space into your own private oasis. Checkout the gallery page to see some of the environments RCE has created. RCE delivers several choices to deliver the right experience for you and your family. Our partners range from the familiar; Sharp, Sony, Bose, Phillips Hue, Lutron, Nest, Flir, Sonos, Savant, Speakercreaft, Dish Network, Profeceint, Univeral Remote Control, Kef, Panamx, Onkyo, Dennon, Harmon Kardon, Luxul, IC Realtime, Parasound, OmniPro, Russound, Hi-Fi, Bitwise, Zipato, Somfy, On Controls, Clair, 2 Gig, Evolve, Kwikset, and Channel Vision. Security, from security systems, to security cameras, RCE delivers the right products tailored for your needs. Are you interested in a full blown monitored security system or a simple set of contacts that deliver notifications to your smartphone. From 1 intelligent camera to an entire suite of IP cameras, get the comfort of knowing what is happening at all times. Energy Management, with all of the energy management solutions available, the one piece that is missing from most solutions is providing a dashboard to keep track of the improvements. RCE delivers on “you can only manage what you measure” by installing intelligent dashboards to track the energy improvements. Can you imagine driving your car without any gauges, yet everyone has to guess what their, heating, cooling, electricity, and water bills re going to be each month and what steps they can take to reduce their bills.For our commercial customers RCE provides solutions from building automation, daylight harvesting, to distributed audio/ video and lighting solutions for bars, and restaurants. The Lumina RF system offers fast, simple installation at a remarkable price point- the Lumina RF Gateway and energy management controls are available at a fraction of the traditional wireless interface cost.